Pricing Statement*

We designed our pricing strategy according to freelance market, you can expect charges comparable to hiring freelancer worker costs. We stand out from the crowd by our low pricing strategy and we mix it with the highest quality standards.

Do not hesitate to let us evaluate your project needs, we will provide expertise and estimate your project costs as soon as it possible for free!



Q:How do I get email for my domain with a web hosting package?

A:Almost all web hosting provide dedicated e-mail address service for your business purposes.



Q:How long will it take for my web hosting account to be set up?

A:Every project is different, let us evaluate your requirements and then we will be able to set the deadline, we promise to keep the deadline and deliver the product ASAP.



Q:Do I need special tools or skills to use a content management system?

A:Definitely not! Nowadays children are able to maintain the webistes created on CMS.



Q:What is a content management system (CMS)?

A:It is a platform which allows you to create a website by dragging and dropping elements to get desired product.



Q:Can you build database driven and e-commerce websites?

A:Every e-commerce business has to include database, we are here to create the full desired project with database and help you and teach how to maintain your database.



Q:Will my website show up in Google?

A:It depends how much money will you decide to invest.



Q:Do you provide web hosting?

A:We do not provide space on servers, we do not have servers. We recommend GoDaddy hosting provider. 


Q:What is web hosting?

A:Web hosting provides the space on their servers and allows you to put your website files on the internet, and be visible internationally.


Q:How do I register my domain name?

A:We are able to take care about it, if you are a hosting account owner.


Q:What is a domain name?

A:It is name of your website visible as a hypertext reference. 


Q:How long will it take to design my website?

A:It depends of level of your project.Basic projects are take less time to finish than advanced projects.



Q:Are there any hidden costs?

A:Once we evaluate your project, we will inform you about the deadline,conditions and ALL COSTS INCLUDED in the price it's mean that you will be asked to pay the same amount of money at the checkout as it was previously mentioned during the evaluation. 


Q:Will I own the finished product?

A:Since you pay for the product prepared for you - You are the owner of the files provided. Please do not hesitate to spread information about the fact that you used our service.


Q:I don’t live in Leicester: can I use your services?

A:Sure! Do not hesitate to contact with us if you live outside of Leicester,we provide our services internationally



Q:Do you outsource overseas?

A:We provide our services globally, in almost all of European languages. Professional people provide professional services.


Q:I already have a site, but I want a new design. Can you help?

A:Definitely Yes!, but please be prepared to completely rebuilding of your existing website because old-fashioned websites must be completely rebuild due to the SEO specification and updated web standards.


Q:If I ask for a quote, what happens next?

A:Please try to provide as much details as it is possible, it will help us to evaluate your needs acurately. You will get your project evaluation ASAP,if you will missed important information about your needs, our customer service consultant will back to you and ask again about necessary details, so this could late evaluation process.


Q:How much does a website cost?

A:Websites prices start from £999

*find what includes our basic project service


Q:What is the most important thing during our work process?

A:Customers requirements and their business!